Cyprus. The blessed island of Goddess Aphrodite proudly presents a premium cuisine of top quality products and a unique variety of traditional recipes. Since the ancient times, what has characterised the cuisine of the island has been the rich aromas of nature, the quality of the fertile land and the traditional ingredients used to create truly unique and original flavours and tastes.

The great range of varieties, filled with the prominent elements of the Mediterranean nutrition, offer to Cyprus cooking its important contribution to a healthy way of life and to an enjoyable relation with gastronomy as well. After all, gastronomy is all about pleasure, aromas and flavours. Alongside with the well known Cypriot hospitality, the sun-blessed land, the royal blue of the sea and the azure of the sky, pure and tasty ingredients and unalloyed delicacies are mixed to produce authentic traditional recipes. The outcome satisfies all senses and every taste.

This book was engendered out of the fidelity of its creators to the magnitude of Cyprus cuisine and focuses on projecting the value of the traditional cooking as part of daily nutritionally balanced diet. A number of common, even if forgotten by some, recipes from all over the island and a lot of alternative suggestions and a plethora of ideas to suit every taste constitute the content of this book taking the long passed paths of tradition and cooking.

All recipes presented herein are fine examples of the traditional Cypriot cooking and are given in a simple and comprehensive way addressing every reader from the amateur to the most experienced one. The main goal, as well as the challenge of this book, is to remind and praise the Cypriot cooking and dishes served on every table. Give it a try and bring Cypriot tasty delicacies in your own kitchen. Enjoy!

(from the foreword of the book)

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